How can I help you?

The main role of a Member of Parliament is to represent local constituents at Parliament in Westminster.
I am here to help you on issues relating to central government departments - whether it's taxation and tax credits, healthcare, benefits and pensions, student finance or policing.
  • As your MP, it is my duty to represent all the people in the Leigh constituency, whatever their diverse views about many different issues and whether they voted for me or not.
  • My main job in the House of Commons is to make and scrutinise legislation, attend debates and committees, and generally protect, advocate and promote the interests of Leigh at a national level. I also have a role working for you in Leigh, supporting local community groups and publicising local issues. As your local MP, I can help you on certain issues where you are having a problem, making representations on your behalf and ensuring that your case is clearly presented. I will always do my best to help wherever and whenever I am able to do so.
  • In general, I can help with issues over which Parliament, a central government department or agency is responsible. These include: Home Office Defence and Foreign policy Department of Health Department of Work and Pensions HM Revenue and Customs Unfortunately, I am not able to solve every problem. I cannot obtain preferential treatment for you or seek to get results outside of the relevant laws or rules. I cannot help you with private disputes with other individuals or interfere with decisions made by the courts.
  • Local Council issues - It is not always appropriate for an MP (at least in the first instance) to take up cases in matters for which Wigan Council are responsible and over which, as an MP, I have no power or say. If your problem concerns the council you should contact the relevant council department or service directly. If this does not resolve the matter, you should then approach your local councillor. To find out who your local councillors are, click on the relevant link below:
Find your councillors 
  • If, after pursuing the course of action above, you still have a complaint about how the local authority had dealt with your problem, then it would be appropriate to contact your MP for help, or in extreme circumstances, you should consider contacting the Local Government Ombudsman. See for more information.
  • Immigration and asylum issues If your problem concerns an immigration or asylum matter, you should approach an organisation such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, as it is not an MP’s role to offer legal advice. As an MP, I am able to write to the Home Office where there seems to have been an inappropriate delay or failure to respond to your case. In general, the role of an MP is to make representations once all appeals have been exhausted and there needs to be new and compelling evidence to enable to me intervene. For more information in this area, see

Constituency Office

Leigh Constituency Office: Suite 5, Leigh Wharf, Canal Street, Leigh, WN7 4DB

By Phone

01942 410231


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