Cyber Security affects us all...

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In my role as a Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, I will be holding the Government to account on their shocking cyber-security record.

Yesterday we heard from the National Cyber Security Centre a stark warning of the cyber threats we are facing as a country - but the Conservatives have failed in their duty to keep us cyber-safe.

Engagement with businesses and their cyber-security, businesses tasked with keeping our important information safe, has been shockingly poor.


We face a critical shortage of cyberskills, especially in the priavte sector, an area I hope to champion locally.

And in reply to a question from me we found out they don't even know how many government computers are still operating Windows XP, the critical vulnerability in last year's NHS cyber attack.

Over the coming months I'll be helping to develop Labour's policy to keep our country safe in the digital age.…/tories-failed-keep-pace-change-tech…

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