School Cuts - Austerity bites....

School Cuts - Austerity bites....

With our schools, teachers and schoolchildren still bearing the brunt of Tory austerity, I spoke in this weeks school funding debate to express the impact of these cuts to us locally.

In just our local schools, cuts from Westminster will see the budget per pupil fall by £180 for every primary school child and £253 for every secondary school pupil, that’s hundreds per pupil taken away each and every year.

This also has an enormous impact on students with Special Educational Needs. These pupils need extra support to thrive and conform to our archaic educational structures but SEND funding has been frozen - in doing so the Government are restricting their life chances and as a society, we are letting these young people down.

Our education system needs a fundamental, transformative overhaul to raise education standards and become one of the most inclusive education systems in the world.

But as long as we have a Conservative Government, I know we will never see the kind of transformation we need.

That's why we must end the austerity on our schools and begin investing in our future, creating an education system that truly works for all.

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