82% of people in Leigh believe Government has handled Brexit badly.

 (Article published in Leigh Observer -12/02/19)

A survey conducted by Leigh MP Jo Platt has found that the vast majority of Leigh residents believe that the Government has handled Brexit badly.

The online survey received nearly 2,000 responses and asked the local community about their opinion on Brexit and the next steps in the process.

The results show that only 7% of people in Leigh want a People’s Vote or second referendum and that there has been little change in voting preferences since the referendum in June 2016.


Jo Platt MP, commenting on the figures, said:

“After 18 months of Tory negotiation I wanted to hear from as many local residents as possible to listen to their thoughts, concerns and ideas during one of the most fraught times in British politics.

The Conservatives have quite clearly made a mess of our departure from the EU. From issuing ferry contracts to a company without any ships to the Brexit Secretary’s surprise that the UK is an island, this Government has blundered through every step of the process leaving us in the deadlock we find ourselves.

But this survey has, above anything else, confirmed our towns shared desire to get on with the Brexit process and agree a deal with the European Union that protects our local jobs and economy and also provides a blueprint for communities such as ours to prosper in the future.

I am hopeful that the exchange of letters between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May over the last few days will provide a path through the current impasse and towards the agreement of a deal in the national interest.

Although this is what Parliament is now working towards, we need to be aware that if cross-party negotiations do not succeed, we cannot remove any options from the table on how we move forwards.

After speaking to constituents on the doorstep over the weekend I believe that is incumbent upon us as MP’s to work across political divide and deliver on the result of the referendum nearly three years ago.

I understand the current frustration felt across the country, but I am optimistic that the next few weeks can start the reunification to our divided communities that the Government has failed to provide over the last few years.”


The results of the survey are below.


Participation of gender split of those that identified as either and chose to Answer


Political preference in the 2017 General Election

Preference expressed in 2016 EU Referendum




Did you feel that you had sufficient access to information relating to leaving the EU to make your decision?


How do you think the government have managed the negotiations since Parliament triggered Article 50


The Prime Minister has been solely responsible for negotiating the withdrawal from the EU. Do you think that all parties in Parliament should have had a role of negotiating a deal?


Do you feel you are more informed of the consequences of leaving the EU now than before the 2016 referendum?


Of the proposals currently being considered, which do you feel matches your expectations?


If a referendum were held today, which way would you vote?

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