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The Conservatives are incapable of delivering the modernisation government needs – Jo Platt

Jo Platt MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, responding to Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Dowden’s defence of the Government’s digital record, said:


This weeks article - GMSF and Housing Crisis

I have had some positive feedback from doing this blog for the Journal – it is a really good way of communicating issues that affecting us locally.

I also enjoy reading my counterparts blog – although recently I was disappointed to read his take on the town centre plan for Atherton.  I have worked with local councillors from the inception of the strategy – who got no mention in the article but are passionate advocates for Atherton – this is disappointing as the only way we can tackle that we face is by all working together – regardless of political persuasion.


Wonderful walls

Couldn’t agree more with my colleague @TracyBrabin creativity is for all and if towns like Leigh and surrounding, are to be the best they can be, it will be hand in hand with culture.


LGA - Proud and honoured

Hugely honoured to have been offered, and accepted, the role of Vice President of the Local Government Association.

Local Government is where I began my political career and remains hugely important to the work I do as the local Member of Parliament.


Leasehold - A real concern

UPDATE: We have locally been witnessing the emergence of a new housing scandal affecting leaseholds.

This is particularly impacting us in the North West where residents may own their home but effectively rent the land on which the house is built. We've even seen landlords beginning to insert new clauses which double ground rent every 10 years which will mean that some homeowners are due to pay up to £10,000 per year by 2060 despite owning their own home.

The Housing, Communities and Local Government select committee have launched an inquiry, and want you to get in touch here…/parliam…/leasehold-reform-17-19/ if you have been affected. The deadline for submissions is however fast approaching on 7th September.


RBS Closure Leigh

Concerned and sadenned to hear today that RBS will be closing their Leigh branch in January.

Bank branches are an important service to our community and I realise the impact this will have on residents who may not use online banking, prefer to walk into their local branch or rely on the ATM service. I therefore fully support Labour's proposal for stricter rules governing bank branch closures to ensure that our community has a voice on such plans.

I will also be meeting with RBS in October to discuss this planned closure. If you will be impacted by the closure then please get in touch and I will make sure that your views are expressed to the bank.

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